Born 16.01.2006

EC Gyllenetigerns O`Sonya Coon

GIC Mainesuspect FireStorm

Both parents are HCM screened, HCM-DNA tested and

PKD, HD and PL tested.

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Show Results:

1 x Tuomarin Paras / 1 x Nominated for BIS

4 x Värin Paras / 4 x Best in Variety


Winnercoons  Caribbean CoCo


Born: 16.01.2006      MCO f 22, female

Omistaja: Anne Hendrén

Breeder: Arja Laurén

Bloodtype A

Felv/Fiv negative

HCM-DNA tested





Isä – Far – Sire
CH Mainesuspect FireStorm
MCO d 09 22

IW-SGC Sarajen Jaegermeister

RW-SGC Kitty-Up Skrimshander of Mannahatta
MCO ns
GIC Kitty-Up Geronimo
MCO ds 22
Kitty-Up Black Hills Gold
MCO gs
CH Sarajen Isle-of-Jura
MCO n 22
GC Sarajen Alabama Slammer
Islandcats Moody Blues of Sarajen
MCO a 22
Mainesuspect Geisha
MCO g 09 22
GC Cooneyisle A Boy Named Sioux
MCO e 09 21
GC Coonyham In Like Flint of Ociopia
MCO a 09 21
CH Cooneyisle Passionate Kisses
MCO d 09 2
CH Meowy-Kazowy Emma Peel of Ociopia
MCO fs 09 2
PR Honeycoon Desperado of Meowy-Kazowy
MCO d 09 22
CH Meowy-Kazowy China Blue
MCO as 09 22
Emo – Mor – Dam
FIN*Gyllenetigerns O`Sonya Coon
MCO n 22
EC FIN*Escape`s Hagar The Horrible

MCO n 22

EC  Koontucky King Arthur-of-Escape`s
MCO n  22
GC Coonyham`s Surfer Dude of Xtc
MCO n 22
Johnsbay Bristol of Koontucky
MCO f  22
EC Avicats Astraea Escape´s, DM

MCO ns

GP&GC Stormwatch`s Tatsumaki
MCO ns
GC Avicats Sophrosina Marfisa, DM
MCO f  22
IC FIN*Godfather´s Hey Jude
MCO n 22
EC FIN*Countrycoon Ambrosius
MCO n 22
GIC FIN*TipTop Maine Beartrace

MCO n 09 22

GIC Coonyham`s Chippewa
MCO a 22
IC FIN*Godfather`s Cinnamon Girl
MCO n 22
EP & EC FIN*Huvikummun Maine Tarzan
MCO a  09 22
EC FIN*Coonplatoon`s Cinnamon Toast

MCO n 22